Adopt A Trail


Volunteer Maintenance Program

Do you have a certain trail that is near and dear?

Do you want to help out to make sure the trail is always in a good state?

You can now sign up to ‘Adopt a Trail’ to help the Houston Hikers with regular maintenance!

By adopting a trail you would act as the clubs eyes and ears on the conditions of trails and also provide volunteer labor for tasks that are of interest.
Some examples would include reporting out on:

•    Blown down trees on a trail.

•    Signs that are missing.

  1.    When a trail is snow free.

  2.     Grown in trails.

You are not required to do a certain amount of volunteer work. But by working closely with a Society Director, you can help organize tasks to help maintain the trails that interest you.

Some possible tasks include:

•    Putting up trail signs.

•    Removing blow down from a trail.

•    Picking up garbage from a trail or site.

•    Building new trails. This is far ranging and is available for all ages and skills.  Everything from using a power or brush saw to using a rake or hand clippers.

•    Restoring fire lookouts.

•    GPSing trails

•    Taking pictures or doing trail write ups for the website.


Keep track of what you do. Enter it into the online ledger (link above) this lets us know what sort of things need to be done to the trails and helps us to organize funding and resources.