How to Utilize Houston Hikers Spatial Referenced Maps for Your Phone

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All Houston Hikers maps on our site are Geo-referenced. This means that you can utilize the maps on your phone and depending on the type of phone and its GPS capabilities a blue dot will tell you where you are on the map. To do this you need to download a free app called PDF Maps

1.If you have an iPhone go the apple store and down load Avenza PDF Maps. (It’s a free app). For Android users the app is also available from the Google Play Store


2.Go to Houston Hikers Web page and click on Trails and Maps

3.    Select a map of the hike you want to take

4.    Tap Open in “PDF Maps”:


5.The map will now load into Avenze PDF Maps library on your phone and when you are on the map a blue dot will tell you where you are:

Note:   Watch your battery power and always have a compass and an alternative way to navigate back out of the bush