Distance From Town: 14.3 Km

Trail Length:  200m To Lake

                    1.2 Km Trail Loop

Round Trip:   20 min

Difficulty: Easy

Cellphone Coverage: YES

KLINGER LAKE MAP  8.5 x 11  PDF22_KLINGER_LAKE_files/Klinger%20Lake%20Trail%20March%202012.pdf
LAND OWNERSHIP MAP 8.5 x 11  PDF22_KLINGER_LAKE_files/Klinger%20Lake%20Ownership%20map%20March%202012.pdf
KLINGER LAKE DEPTH MAP  8.5 x 11  PDF22_KLINGER_LAKE_files/Klinger%20Lake%20Fisheries%20Depth%20Map.pdf
GOOGLE EARTH .KMZ FILE22_KLINGER_LAKE_files/Klinger%20Lake%20Trails.kmz
WANT TO LEARN ABOUT WILLOWS IN THE AREA? click to view22_KLINGER_LAKE_files/Willow%20Study.pdf
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