Distance From Town: 75 Km

Cellphone Coverage: NO

Watershed: Morice (Skeena)

Anzac Portage

Trail Length: 1.5 km

Difficulty: Hard

LAMPREY LAKE MAP - 8.5x11 PDF30_LAMPREY_LAKE_files/Lamprey%20Lake.pdf


--Never venture out into the back country without proper gear and emergency provisions.

--Be aware of changing weather and always use PFDs.

LAMPREY LAKE DEPTH MAP - 8.5x11 PDF30_LAMPREY_LAKE_files/Lamprey%20Lake%20Depth%20Map.pdf
NANIKA-KIDPRICE .kmz FILES30_LAMPREY_LAKE_files/Nanika-Kidprice%20Park.kmz
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Photo by chrisharris.com

Lamprey Lake is the gateway to Nanika-Kidprice Provincial Park.

The lake is a small-moderately sized lake. Access to Lamprey is on the far Northern shore. The lake has a few small bays and a small island. The deepest part of the lake is approximately 70 ft, where the Northern Arm meets the main body of the lake (see depth map). Loons frequent the lake and Resident Rainbow Trout are found in the lake.

Lamprey Lake Rec Site has minimal amenities but can be a nice spot to camp.

Please do not leave trash on site.