Houston Hikers

Your guide to outdoor recreation adventures near Houston, British Columbia, Canada

  • Watershed: Upper Bulkley
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Trail Length: 250m
  • Round Trip: 15 min
  • Distance from Houston: 10-30km
  • Cell Coverage: No
  • WARNING: Rocks along the trail and creek may be slippery when wet. Caution should be used when traveling close to the creek.


Sorry no amenities for this adventure


Buck Falls offers a nice drive and a quick and easy site to go see. The drive takes you past the Morice Mountain Nordic Ski Trails, it offers great views of the Houston Palisades and Morice Mountain, it then goes on through the community of Buck Flats and onward into the old Swiss Fire of 1983.

Buck Falls is a series of three waterfalls. The water levels changes dramatically over the course of a year, offering a very different site to witness in the Spring versus the Autumn.

During low water, you can see the potholes being formed near the bottom after the third falls. Sand, gravel and cobbles get trapped in the holes, and during high water, will be cycloned around and around slowly eroding the hole and making it larger. Some of the holes even have managed to connect to each other at their base!

On the same road system, and with short and easy trails, walking Buck Falls and the Old Pines Trail in one day can be quite enjoyable.

DIRECTIONS: (approx 30km from Houston)

  1. Head West of Houston and turn left onto Buck Flats Road.
  2. When you cross the Buck Creek Bridge #2 turn left and continue driving.
  3. When you reach the junction with the Goosly FSR and Parrott Trail FSR, approximately 26 Km, turn left onto the Goosly FSR.
  4. Travel 2.2 Km and at approximately 28 Km on the Goosly, turn left onto the Klo Creek Road.
  5. 1.5 Km down the Klo, you will reach a bridge, park on the far side of the bridge in the pullout and you will see the trail head on downstream side near the bridge.