Houston Hikers

Your guide to outdoor recreation adventures near Houston, British Columbia, Canada

  • Watershed: Upper Bulkley
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Trail Length: N/A
  • Round Trip: N/A
  • Distance from Houston: 30-60km
  • Cell Coverage: No


  • Camping
  • Boat Launch (for larger boats)


Goosly Lake is moderate in size and is located at the headwaters of Buck Creek. Access to Goosly Lake is at the lake’s Southeastern shores. The lake has a few small bays but is mostly linear in nature with its western arm narrowing as it flows into Buck Creek. It’s deepest point is around 20.1m (66 feet).

There are two access points:
One is located right off the Parrott Main around 41.5 km
The other access road begins around 40 km on the Parrot Main and winds down to the lake.

Nearby Sam Lake is also a nice spot for a quick canoe (see map)

Please do not leave trash at the camping site.

There are no directional or trail head signs for this site, use your map and GPS.

DIRECTIONS: (approx 50 km from Houston)

There are two routes to get to Goosly Lake:

Via equity Mine Road:

  1. Head down the Equity Mine Road southeast of Houston for 37km
  2. Once at the mine, turn right onto the North Goosly Road and head down the hill.
  3. The km signs on the North Goosly will count down from 7km
  4. Once at the bottom of the road you will come to a junction with the Parrot Main FSR
  5. Turn right onto the Parrott Main FSR
  6. At 42.5 km the first access to the lake will be on your right.

Via Buck Flats Road:

  1. Head south of Houston on the Buck Flats Rd.
  2. At 26 km turn right onto the Parrott Trail FSR
  3. Km signs on the Parrott trail will count down from 10km to 0km
  4. At 0 km turn left onto the Parrott Main FSR
  5. At 39 km keep right (Access to Sam Lake is at this junction)
  6. At 41.5 km Access to Goosly Lake is on your left.