Houston Hikers

Your guide to outdoor recreation adventures near Houston, British Columbia, Canada

  • Watershed: Nadina
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Trail Length: 80m
  • Round Trip:
  • Distance from Houston: 60km+
  • Cell Coverage: No
  • NOTICE: Due to forestry activity and the 2018 Nadina Fire, the road system and km markers have all changed. Directions may not be 100% accurate.


  • Portage


The two lakes are small-moderate in size and consist of many bays, islands and narrow channels.

The McCloud Lake portage heads off North of the road through a recently logged block. The trail is marked with orange ribbon and goes for approx 260m. The portage has a slight increase in elevation and has a bit of debris on it from logging. If you are in the area, help us maintain the trail by removing sticks and debris.

The Gordeau Lake portage head off South of the road near the bridge. This portage is relatively easy and short, about 80m.

NOTICE: 2023 update: The portage has grown-in, contains lots of blowdown and is now difficult to find. We will update here when we get around to clearing it out again.

DIRECTIONS: (approx 96 km from Houston)

(Since the 2018 fire many kilometre signs have not been replaced, the driving directions will be approximate)

  1. Head west of town and turn onto the Morice River FSR
  2. At 27 km keep going straight onto the Morice-Owen FSR
  3. At 56.5 km turn right onto the Nadina Main FSR
  4. At 74 km turn right onto the Hill Tout FSR
  5. At 79 km turn right onto the Duel Lakes Rd
  6. Just after the 96 km board you will reach the McCloud portage location
  7. Just before a bridge you will reach the Gordeau portage location