Houston Hikers

Your guide to outdoor recreation adventures near Houston, British Columbia, Canada

  • Watershed: Morice
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Trail Length: 3-11 km
  • Round Trip: 1 hour +
  • Distance from Houston: 0-10km
  • Cell Coverage: Yes
  • WARNING: Watch out for bears and cattle in summer months.


  • Cell Service


NOTE: These trails are not quite finished yet. We still need to install some small foot bridges over small drainages. There are lots of cattle trails in the area, please stay on the ribboned path so we can get it better established. Thanks

These new trails are located very close to town and offer many different experiences. The trails are relatively flat but have several vistas and view points. The River Banks trail offers great access for fisherman that are interested in the Morice River. These trails are great for families or those who want to recreate close to town.The trails can be used for many activities such as hiking, trail running and fishing access in the summer plus snowshoeing and cross country skiing in the winter.

The area around the trails is primarily Black Cottonwood flood ecosystem. These ecosystems are rare in the southern areas of the province due to their conversion to farm land. Black Cottonwoods thrive on wet sites where it can form large stands and can grow where other trees cannot. Generally they can reach 40 metres in height, but have been documented as tall as 60 metres. Black Cottonwoods also provide habitat for a variety of birds.

There are three trails that offer very different experiences.

Birch Ridge Trail:

This trail initially starts in a cut block. The block is quickly re growing and the trees are currently around 1.5m tall. The trail winds along a before entering a few ridges that have many groves of paper birch. The tail end of the trail is through a young Spruce forest that was selectively logged many decades ago.

Spruce Grove Trail:

This trails heads up the middle of the area. It goes through some mixed spruce and aspen stands. Part of this trails was selectively logged and many of the mossy stumps can still be seen.

River Banks Trail:

This trail follows along the banks of the Morice River. It offers great views of the river and a few spots to have a picnic. Towards the back end of the trail you enter in a vast Cottonwood forest.

DIRECTIONS: (approx 7 km from Houston)

  1. From the Tourism Info-centre, head west of town along Highway 16
  2. After 4.1 km turn left onto the Morice River Road
  3. Drive past the mill and at the 4 km board turn right onto By-Mac Road
  4. Head down the hill and after 1.1 km turn left onto the bridge crossing the Morice River
  5. Just after the bridge, there is a pull out and the trail head signs.