Houston Hikers

Your guide to outdoor recreation adventures near Houston, British Columbia, Canada

  • Watershed: Nechako Reservoir
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Trail Length: 130m
  • Round Trip: 15 min
  • Distance from Houston: 60km+
  • Cell Coverage: No


  • Camping
  • Portage


Skinny Lake located within the Nechako Reservoir watershed. Water from Skinny Lake drains out into Andrew’s Creek at Andrews Bay Provincial Park on Ootsa Lake. Water in Ootsa Lake flows both into the Nechako-Fraser watershed as well as Kemano River due to the Kenny Dam.

The lake is small-moderate in size and easy to access. Access to Skinny Lake can be done two ways. Either by a short and easy portage at the far Northeast point of the lake, or by road access at its Southwestern point.

The portage is located just after the 90 km board on the Reach Main FSR. The portage is on the right just before the bridge. There are no signs for the portage, however is it ribboned.

The road access is through an older block and the road is very brushy. There is enough room to camp at this access point however there are no amenities on site.

Directional signage exists once you get onto the Reach Main FSR.

Please do not leave trash on site.

DIRECTIONS: (approx 90.5 km from Houston)

  1. Head South of town on the Morice River FSR
  2. At 27 km keep going straight onto the Morice-Owen FSR
  3. At 56.5 km turn right onto the Nadina Main FSR
  4. At 74 km keep left
  5. At 81 keep right
  6. At 89 turn left onto the Reach Main FSR
  7. Just after 90 km the portage access is on your right (before the bridge)
  8. To get to the drive-in access keep going down the Reach Main
  9. At 93.5 km turn right onto the Kelly Lake FSR
  10. Drive for approx 1.2 km and turn right into an older plantation
  11. Keep to the right in the plantation and drive for approx 1 km
  12. The lake access will be on your right