Houston Hikers

Your guide to outdoor recreation adventures near Houston, British Columbia, Canada

  • Watershed: Morice
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Trail Length: 217m
  • Round Trip: 20min
  • Distance from Houston: 60km+
  • Cell Coverage: No
  • NOTICE: The road into Phipps has brushed-in quite a bit. 4x4 required.


  • Portage


Phipps Lake is small in size and easy to access. Access to Phipps Lake is at the lake’s far Northern point. The lake has a few small bays and good views of Smoke Mountain. Resident Rainbow Trout are common in the lake. Phipps Lake was named after Al Phipps, a local helper on Frank Swannell’s surveying expeditions in the area in the mid 1920’s.

Access is via an easy 217m portage. There are no signs to mark the lake, however the portage is ribboned.

Please do not leave trash on site.

DIRECTIONS: (approx 76 km from Houston) There are no directional or trail head signs

  1. Head South of town on the Morice River FSR
  2. At 27 km turn right
  3. At 44.5 km keep left
  4. At 51 km keep right
  5. At 65 km turn left onto the Lamprey FSR
  6. At 7 km keep going left past the Lamprey Lake turn off.
  7. At 10 km (no sign) keep to the right.
  8. At 11 km the portage access is on your right.