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Aitken Falls

The Aitken Creek Falls and Canyon has been an un-official hiking trail for years. Its close distance from Houston (14.4...

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Barrett Hat

The Barrett Hat Trail has great views of the Telkwa Range and the Morice-Bulkley Valley. Its suitable for all...

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Buck Falls

Buck Falls offers a nice drive and a quick and easy site to go see. The drive takes you...

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Bulkley River Rec Site

The Bulkley River Recreation Site is just 30 km from Houston and contains a series of beautiful trails. The site...

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Byman Falls

Byman (Perow) Falls is a series of falls with spectacular views and great photography opportunities. The falls cascade off...

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China Nose Mountain

Due to the 2014 wildfire, please use extreme caution on the Chute Trail (see map)

This is a...

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Dina Lookout

Dina Lookout offers spectacular views of the region. You can see Tweedsmuir Provincial Park, the Sibola Range and Mount...

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Equity Ice Falls & Dungate Falls

Dungate Falls:

A short and easy trail that is good for the whole family. The Dungate Falls are located...

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Findlay Falls

The trail to Findlay Falls is a short and easy trail. The trail takes you to the top of...

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Houston Palisades

The Houston Palisades are a set of cliffs in the South East that are visible from town. This short...

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Houston Town Trails

NORTH TRAILS: Houston has many trail experiences within town limits. The North Side Park Trails traverse along Buck Creek...

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Klinger Lake

Klinger Lake is a lake located just 14 km from Houston. Fishermen will find a variety of fish including rainbow...

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L.D. Byman Trail

The L.D. Byman Trail is actually an old mining road/ skid trail. During the Swiss Fire it was...

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McQuarrie Lake

The route into McQuarrie Lake is long. The trail winds through the forest and after 1.5 km you will come...

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Morice Mountain

The Morice Mountain (Carrier-Alpine) Trail starts at the end of an old logging road. The Morice Land Resource Management...

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Morice-Klinger Trails

NOTE: These trails are not quite finished yet. We still need to install some small foot bridges over small...

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Mount Harry Davis

​Mount Harry Davis riding area is managed by the Houston Mountain Bike Association (HMBA) in partnership with RecSsites and...

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Old Pines Nature Trail

The Old Pines Nature Trail is located within Morice Mountain Nordic Ski area. Fixed up in 2009, the trail starts...

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Prospector’s Bluff

Prospector’s Bluff is a small knob that offers great views of the surrounding area. The trail is an...

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Silverthorne Lake Snowshoe Trails

The Silverthorne Lake Snowshoe Trails are located within Morice Mountain Nordic Ski area. They were created in 2015. The trails...

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Story Lookout

The Story Lookout Trail was first ribboned out in the summer of 2010. The trail works its way up through...

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